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About Maja

Maja Lepsanovic is an artist based on Aruba, born in Belgrade, Serbia. Naturally attracted to paint and create since little, without any art education, that habit followed her, and after few months of living on Aruba, she started using natural materials – like driftwood, to make her creations.

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Lucy's Bar

Cacao yoga

Classes & Workshops

Workshops are organized for those who want to learn the techniques Maja is using. In short period of time, with her guidance, you can create your own piece of art, and learn about the colors, materials and how to apply them on wood. Maja is organizing both private and group classes. Combine driftwood, paint, clay, wine and snacks with good company, you will end up your “night out” with a beautiful new art piece.

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Tree house  (in front of Playa Linda Hotel)
Island yoga
Lucy’s Arubas


(+297) 746 1913


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