About The Artist

Combining Art & Nature

“Challenged to show her imagination and skills, Maja started painting animals of Aruba using different techniques and unique combination of colors that will later be her signature. By using wood as a natural material, she connects to the island making her work one with the nature.”

Her Story

Belgrade born, Maja Lepsanovic is young and enthusiastic artist living and working in Aruba.

Since childhood, she was influenced by her mother’s architectural works and developed love for geometrical shapes, precise lines and symmetric symbols. She has been attending various architectural and art management studies but could not find her inspiration in a way she wanted. However, upon accidental arrival in Aruba, her creativity and love for art had finally flourished and she decided to stay.

Falling in love with Caribbean environment and lifestyle, she first started to paint on driftwood from the shores of local beaches. Later, Maja used her imagination and skills to portray local fauna in different techniques and unique combination of colors on different materials as well. This became her signature work, which successfully established her presence on the local market.

Today, Maja’s artwork consists of paintings, murals and always inspirational driftwood artforms. Being passionate in sharing her knowledge, she is leading workshops and exchanges ideas with others. Her work can be found in local galleries and hotels. Her signature murals can be recognized as part of many interior and exterior architecture. Thanks to Maja’s inspirational art, energized by life and nature of the island, Aruba has one more reason to be proud of its local art scene.


Tree house  (in front of Playa Linda Hotel)
Island Yoga
Lucy’s Aruba


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